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Community Guidelines

Please, be kind
We love discussions - as long as they are civil and productive. Keep that in mind, while putting your thoughts out on the internet!
Racial slurs, sexist remarks, obscene language won’t be tolerated and so won’t be targeted harassment. There is also a difference between friendly banter and bullying.
Your opinions on the product are very important and you are allowed to share them in a respectful manner. 
Please, don’t just call something “dumb”. Tell the creator why you don’t like something and share your thoughts on how they could possibly improve something in the future. Constructive criticism is welcome on Gamefound.
Don’t share personal information, inappropriate content. Act if you see something that you think should not be added to the discussion.

Spam is not allowed
Don’t advertise any physical goods, scams, ways of getting rich in 5 seconds - it is not what the page is about. Don’t use suspicious, unverified, unrelated third-party links.
We are looking at you, bots, and suspicious third-party programs.

Any promotion of the project, reminders, or updates by the author and community should also be used in moderation. If you want to introduce the community to a video or project that concerns the author or their game - feel free to refer to it! As long as it doesn’t spread misinformation and revolve around self-advertisement.
Hashtags need to be used reasonably – to help and navigate people in the discussion. Use them responsibly.

The place to share your opinion
It is good to let people know how the previous campaign went, especially if they are unsure whether they want to support it or not. However, don’t spread misinformation such as “Oh, they will definitely steal everything from you, because I had shipping issues before”. If you don't like the project to the point that just thinking about it makes your blood boil, it is better to just move on and support your favorite ones!
If you are a project creator, please do not automatically reject the received criticism and don’t try to censor people that may share a very valuable opinion that can be taken into consideration in the future. If it is written in a respectful way, adds something valuable to the conversation, and doesn’t harm our terms of use, it is free to remain visible on our site.

We are constantly improving as a community and want to create a space that gathers people of similar interests, intentions and lets them express themselves freely. That concerns both creators and backers.

And, of course, feel free to report comments you think are unacceptable according to our community guidelines. We review every single one of them!